Celebrate the Chargers 50th Anniversary with us!

On Friday, November 4, 2022, the Chargers will be celebrating their 50th Anniversary at the Bellevue Country Club in Syracuse, New York! Come celebrate with us with a cocktail reception and silent auction where 50+ individuals will be recognized as examples of our theme: “50 years of Success, Volunteerism and Leadership: Honoring the past, investing in the future!” 

Date: November 4, 2022

Time: 6PM

Location: Bellevue Country Club, 1901 Bellevue Ave, Syracuse, New York 13207

Remarks by Founder, William Sanford.


RSVP by October 26, 2022!!!

Boathouse Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

We are pleased to announce that the CHARGERS Rowing Club will be holding a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the “new” boathouse on Saturday, September 17 at 10 am.  After delaying the ceremony due to the Covid pandemic, we will be moving forward with the official opening this fall.  All are cordially invited to attend the ceremony and we hope you can make it to the boathouse that day. 

National Learn to Row Day is June 4

The CHARGERS Rowing Club will be hosting National Learn to Row Day on Saturday, June 4 from 10 am until 12 pm. We encourage anyone who is interested in the sport of rowing to come down to the CHARGER Boathouse in Onondaga Lake Park to give the sport a try. No prior experience necessary and you can either pre-register HERE or just show up that morning. We recommend bringing a hat and wearing sunscreen while on the water. Come give rowing a try and we look forward to seeing you at the boathouse!


It was announced on Thursday, March 31 that the CHARGERS Rowing Club will receive a $2,000 grant from CNY Tuesdays. Nominated by several individuals in the community, the club was selected as a finalist by the organization for the month of April. After five days of voting, the CHARGERS were one of four non-profit organizations selected to receive the grant. The club will be profiled on Tuesday, April 19 on NBC3 News at 7:00 pm. The CHARGERS would like to thank the Weitsman’s and CNY Tuesdays for this honor. More information about CNY Tuesdays can be found HERE.

CHARGERS at the Syracuse St. Patrick’s Day Parade

The CHARGERS Rowing Club will be participating in the Syracuse St. Patrick’s Day Parade this year.  Full details about our participation in the parade are below.  All members are invited to come out and walk with the club as we publicize our 50th anniversary with the City of Syracuse. 

Syracuse St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Date:  Saturday, March 12

Time:  The parade begins at noon.  The CHARGERS are scheduled to stage at 1:15 pm with the “Ulster Division” at Erie Blvd. W. and Leavenworth.  Please enter Erie Blvd. at S. Geddes and head east to the staging area.  The boat trailer will be there early as we need to quickly decorate it before marching.  Full information about the parade can be found at their website:  https://www.syracusestpatricksparade.org/.  If you go into the “Green Sheets” you will see the CHARGERS in the Ulster Division (scroll down) and there is a map of where we are meeting linked in the text. 

What to wear:  Your Rowing Gear and dress warm!

See you there!

Equipment Care Reminder!!!


Rowing shells, rigging and oars are easily damaged. If you believe there may be some damage to any equipment, inform our Equipment/Boathouse Manager, Dave Cusano
 by either completing this form HERE or contacting him at 315-546-6575 or by email at djcusano@gmail.com.

Safe equipment handling improves the safety and enjoyment of rowing and will maintain the quality of the rowing equipment for the Club.


Summer Equipment Care Reminder:
****Oar Carrying and Care****
-Carry blades forward in view, to avoid contact with obstacles. Not over the shoulders.
-No more than two oars per person.
-Do not drag the oars on the ground and do not drop the handles into the water.
-Do not throw or drop the oars on the ground. Place them on the ground gently.
****Walking the boat to the water****
-The rower behind the rigger watches to make sure the rigger is clear.
-DO NOT CARRY THE BOAT BY THE RIGGER. Only carry the boat by the gunwhale.

****Placing/removing the shell from the water****
-Very Important: Make sure a coxswain or coach is by the fin/skeg before placing the boat in the water or taking it out so the skeg does not hit the dock.
-Once the shell is on the water, at least one (more in windy conditions) rower must stay with the shell while the rest of the crew gets oars.
****Before placing the shell into the rack****
-The boat MUST be rinsed and/or wiped down.
****COXSWAINS: Cox Boxes and Head Gear****
-This equipment is extremely expensive (over $700 between the cox box and head gear) and must be handled with extreme care.
-Do not throw equipment or leave this equipment on the ground.
-Cox boxes and head gear must be placed in the charging rack and plugged in after practice on the far right hand side of the boathouse.

Referees Wanted…Learn to become a US ROWING referee

USRowing has been focused on increasing the number of dedicated individuals serving as referees. US Rowing has developed a series of new programs to simplify this process and reduce the time required to become a referee. US Rowing is seeking individuals interested in becoming USRowing Referees. Potential candidates may access the USRowing Referee Candidate site at: http://www.usrowing.org/become-a-referee to start the process!