Equipment Care Reminder!!!


Rowing shells, rigging and oars are easily damaged. If you believe there may be some damage to any equipment, inform our Equipment/Boathouse Manager, Dave Cusano
 by either completing this form HERE or contacting him at 315-546-6575 or by email at

Safe equipment handling improves the safety and enjoyment of rowing and will maintain the quality of the rowing equipment for the Club.


Summer Equipment Care Reminder:
****Oar Carrying and Care****
-Carry blades forward in view, to avoid contact with obstacles. Not over the shoulders.
-No more than two oars per person.
-Do not drag the oars on the ground and do not drop the handles into the water.
-Do not throw or drop the oars on the ground. Place them on the ground gently.
****Walking the boat to the water****
-The rower behind the rigger watches to make sure the rigger is clear.
-DO NOT CARRY THE BOAT BY THE RIGGER. Only carry the boat by the gunwhale.

****Placing/removing the shell from the water****
-Very Important: Make sure a coxswain or coach is by the fin/skeg before placing the boat in the water or taking it out so the skeg does not hit the dock.
-Once the shell is on the water, at least one (more in windy conditions) rower must stay with the shell while the rest of the crew gets oars.
****Before placing the shell into the rack****
-The boat MUST be rinsed and/or wiped down.
****COXSWAINS: Cox Boxes and Head Gear****
-This equipment is extremely expensive (over $700 between the cox box and head gear) and must be handled with extreme care.
-Do not throw equipment or leave this equipment on the ground.
-Cox boxes and head gear must be placed in the charging rack and plugged in after practice on the far right hand side of the boathouse.

JUNIOR SUMMER PROGRAM DESCRIPTIONS RELEASED!!! Registration opens on April 1, 2019 on RC

Please find our program dates and descriptions for our Junior Programs at the link below. Please note that registration opens for these programs on RegattaCentral on April 1 (first come, first serve). Some changes:

  • Our Youth Learn to Row Program takes on a new look this summer. 5 week long sessions are offered that run from Monday through Friday from 8:30 to noon. The cost remains the same.
  • Lots of options for all ages exist all summer long!

2019 Summer Junior Program Overview

Questions: Contact Ashley Marsh at


Please find our program dates and descriptions for our Adult Programs at the link below. Please note that registration opens for these programs on RegattaCentral on April 1 (first come, first serve). Some changes:

  • Adult membership fees have been simplified. Adult membership fees are set forth below.  Membership applies if you seek to gain access to the equipment, docks, boathouse, and for an additional fee, boat storage/participate in the Adult Competitive Program (Ages 27 and over: $500; Ages 22-26: $275).
  • Adult Experienced is now called Adult Recreational. No racing is required. A progression program for adults seeking to move beyond “Learn to Row” or for former high school and collegiate rowers who just want to go enjoy the sport without the racing.
  • Adult Recreational rowers do not pay a membership fee. Initial program registration in 2019 is $200 but all subsequent 2019 Adult Recreational programs are $150.

Questions: Contact Ashley Marsh at

2019 Spring and Summer Adult Program Overview

Lyn Markert Hathaway and Donations in her Honor

It is with deep sadness and a very heavy heart that we write this post. Long time Charger Board Member, Lyn Hathaway, passed away on September 12.

Lyn Hathaway – Hall of Fame 2014

Lyn epitomized the values of our club and was likely the most devoted individual to our mission. Through countless hours of practices, regattas, meetings and other Charger functions and rowing functions, she selflessly and passionately donated to our community of rowing. Even in her last few moments, the Chargers were on her mind, as she emailed to inquire about our September board meeting on September 12.

If there is anything that we can take from her example it is:

Give: give to what you believe in. Give with your heart, mind, body,

soul and your wallet, too.

Be modest: be humble, show humility, empathy and sensitivity.

Be dedicated: whether its sun, rain, sleet, snow, ice…when you believe in something, give it your all. She was always at the finish line no matter what.

Show compassion: people make mistakes, people are imperfect…accept them for who they are and appreciate the positive they bring to the table.

She exemplified these qualities on a regular basis.

Our first boathouse is named in her honor for her commitment to the organization and she was the first person inducted into our Hall of Fame in 2014.

She will be deeply missed. Rest in Peace, Lyn. We are grateful for all that you have done.


Donations in her honor to the club can be made by mailing donations to:

Chargers Rowing Club

PO BOX 5643

Syracuse, New York 13220

Checks should be written to: “Syracuse Chargers Rowing Club” and please write “In honor of Lyn Hathaway” in the memo line.


Referees Wanted…Learn to become a US ROWING referee

USRowing has been focused on increasing the number of dedicated individuals serving as referees. US Rowing has developed a series of new programs to simplify this process and reduce the time required to become a referee. US Rowing is seeking individuals interested in becoming USRowing Referees. Potential candidates may access the USRowing Referee Candidate site at: to start the process!

REGISTER SOON! Summer Girls and Boys Competitive Programs have been posted on Regatta Central! Space Limited!

High School Summer Competitive Racing Program M,T,W,TH, June 11-July 14.  (From June 11-June 21 practices will be 6-8 PM, June 25-July 14 practices will be 7am-9am.

Cost: $325.00

Register for High School Summer Competitive Racing Program

This program is for High Schoolathletes from the spring racing season. PLEASE NOTE IT IS FOR ATHLETES WITH AT LEAST ONE SPRING OF HIGH SCHOOL SEASON EXPERIENCE. Athletes will train hard and focus on racing.The crews will race at the West Side Rowing Club Invitation, July 8th, and finish by racing in the Onondaga Cup LakeFest Regatta, July 14th. Cap 18 Boys & 18 Girls. If there is enough interest more boats may be added.

Register for Summer 2018 Rowing Programs!


Check out all of our Summer 2018 program offerings and register on our Program Information page! Note: All sessions are first come, first serve and subject to participation limitations.

National Learn to Row Day

June 2, 2018 at 10AM-12 noon

Chargers’ “Hathaway” Boathouse, Ten Eyck Road, Liverpool NY

A fun and free introduction to the sport for teens and adults with no previous rowing experience!

Adult Learn to Row Program

Mondays & Wednesdays 5:30-7:30PM ( 20+ years of age)

5 week sessions throughout the summer with practice twice per week in the evenings.  No or minimal experience required. Focus is to introduce the athlete to rowing while providing an inviting environment.  Completing 2 of these sessions will allow you to move up to the Adult Experience Program.

Cost: $160.00 per session

Session I: June 11- July 11 ( No practice July 4th.)  

Session 2: July 16- August 15   Cap 18- 1 Extra rower per shell Max 2 Shells; 2 Coaches

Older Teen Learn to Row Program

Tuesday & Thursday ( Ages 15-19)   5:30-7:30 PM

5 week sessions throughout the summer with practice twice per week in the evenings. No or minimal experience requires.  Focus is to introduce the athlete to rowing while providing an inviting environment.

Cost: $160.00 per session

Session 1: June 12-July 12                       

Session 2: July 17- August 16    


Corporate Rowing League     

Practices June 4-July 14th 6:30-8:00 pm

No experience required, practice once per week for 7 weeks with the Onondaga Cup Regatta finale race, Onondaga Cup Regatta- July 14, 2018.   


Adult & Teen Beginning Sculling ( HS sophomores or older)

Monday- Friday 5pm-7pm.  

A week- long introduction to sculling ( rowing with an oar in each hand).  No previous experience required. Space is limited.

July 30th-August 3rd.   

Cost: $175.00

Youth Learn to Row Program       

Monday-Friday    9AM-10:30 AM

An introduction to the sport of rowing for youth ages 10-14.  No experience required.

Cost: $160.00 per session

Session 1 June 25th -July 6th          

Session 2: July 9th-July 20th

Session 3: July 23rd- August 3rd  



Experienced Summer Programs and Events 2018

Adult Competitive- By tryout & invitation only.  

Tuesdays & Thursdays 6-8 PM & Saturdays 7-9 AM.  If you are new, contact the website ahead of time. Tryouts will be conducted the first 2 Saturdays in June.

Cost $450.00

For experienced rowers ad coxswains.  A highly competitive program which pushes athletes to improve their rowing skills and fitness level each and every practice.  Athletes in this program have a commitment to fitness on the water and outside of practice. Rowers will participate in various racing opportunities throughout the season where the focus is going fast and winning.  Admission to this program has fitness and technique requirements. * additional costs for coaching and racing fees.


Adult Experienced Program

Mondays & Wednesdays 6-8pm

For rowers with at least two sessions of Adult Learn-to-Row.  A challenging experience in relaxed atmosphere with focus on drills to improve rowing skills and occasional racing pieces tailored to the skill levels of the individual boats.  Potential to race in the Onondaga Cup July 21-22.

$85.00 for 1 day per session.

$150.00 for both days per session

Session 1- May 30th-June 27th        

Session 2- July 2nd- August 1st

Sesion 3- August 6th-September 5th (Skipping Labor day)

Session 4- September 10th- October 10th     


Experienced Middle School Week Long Program        

Mondays -Friday 4:00-6:00 PM

For 7-9th graders who have prior rowing experience

A one-week (5 day) program for rowers entering grade 7-9 who have participated in multiple learn to row programs.  This camp is not for beginning rowers. The focus is to build from the basics to prepare athletes for potential high school rowing career.

Cost: $160.00 per week

Session 1- July 23rd- July 27th                                 

Session 2- August 6th- August 10th  


Transition from Novice to Varsity         

Monday-Friday 4:00-6:00 PM

For athletes who rowed for a high school program for the first time during the spring. A one week (5 day) camp for an athlete that rowed one year as a novice in theri High School team and plans on going out for the Varsity program next spring.  An introduction to the requirements to be successful at the next level. 

Cost $150.00 per week

Session 1- July 16th-July 20th                         

Session 2- July 30th-August 3rd                           




Click to learn more and register for the CHARGERS Summer 2018 Rowing Programs!

Hiring Coaches for 2018 Summer/Fall Programs

Want to share your rowing passion with others? Want to make a little extra money on the side while enjoying the beauty of the outdoors? Interested in becoming a CHARGERS rowing coach? The CHARGERS are looking to hire great coaches for our Summer and Fall 2018 programs. Head on over to the application by clicking the link below and submit yours!

Click here to apply to Coach for the CHARGERS!