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CHARGERS at Sunset

Complimentary Memberships

A complimentary membership in CHARGERS Rowing Club is offered to all CHARGERS coaches during the time that they are actively coaching.

Guest Racers

All rowers representing the CHARGERS and/or using CHARGERS equipment in regattas must pay a portion of the costs.

Member Responsibilities

Members must…

Follow all CHARGERS procedures and guidelines regarding safety, equipment and conduct.

Volunteer when called upon.

High School vs. Club

Our club is one of the more unique clubs due to the type of rowing that we house out of our boathouse. Many rowing clubs stay as a club through all seasons and therefore kids from all different high schools row together under one name all of the time. New York State Examples: Westside (Buffalo), Saratoga (Saratoga Springs), Albany (Albany)

Our club on the other hand breaks up into individual high school teams in the spring. Therefore the H.S. teams provide their own coaches, transportation, and some equipment, while paying a small fee to the Chargers organization to be able to use Chargers oars and rowing shells, docks, coaching launches, and park access. Then the H.S. teams function more as a normal H.S. sport without much influence from the Chargers organization during the spring months from March through May.

Learn-to-Row Program

A learn to row program is designed for an individual that has no knowledge of the sport of rowing. The program will begin by defining key terminology, showing the athletes the equipment necessary for the sport, and developing an understanding of important safety information while on and off the water. The class will progress from that point to on-the-water technical focus of the rowing stroke. The program will usually last for 8-12 sessions with some type of mini race on the last session day/night.

Adult/Teen Learn-to-Row

This is a two night program in the summer with a two-fold focus. The focus for the teen is to prepare them for a potential high school rowing career. The focus for the adult will be to introduce them to the sport while providing an inviting environment and the possibility of continuing on with our Masters program if interested. During the fall there will be an Intermediate Masters program that will be provided for interested individuals who would like to continue on in the sport but are not quite ready to join the Masters team.

Youth Learn-to-Row
This is a five morning program in the summer with a focus on introducing young middle school and late elementary age kids to the sport of rowing.  The age group is 10-14 or kids who will be entering grades 5th- 8th grades in the following fall.

Fall Novice Program

This is a two late afternoon (after school) program in the fall. The focus is to prepare young athletes for their respective H.S. spring rowing season. That does not mean that you must be enrolled in a H.S. with a rowing program. We encourage all freshmen or sophomores in H.S. to enroll in this program if they don’t have much experience in the sport. Most athletes will either have no experience or only one or two Summer Learn-to-Rows.

Adult Competitive Program (Masters)
For Experienced Rowers – Men or Women age 27 +

A competitive based environment with specific Male and Female Teams that train throughout the year with a focus on the main summer and fall regatta season. Typical Regattas that are attended include. (Diamond States, Masters Nationals, Head of the Genesee, Head of the Charles, Head of the Schuylkill, and others depending on the availability from year to year)
Practice Times: Tues. and Thurs. from 6-8 p.m. and Sat. mornings from 7-9 a.m.
May 1st – Nov 1st (Approximate dates on the water)
Members pay an additional coaching fee

Adult Sweep Program
Men or Women age 21 +

 For rowers with at least one season of HS or collegiate competitive experience or two sessions of learn to row – A challenging (co-ed) experience in a relaxed atmosphere focused on fitness and drills to improve rowing skills.
Practice Times: Tues. and Thurs. from 6:00-8:00 p.m.
June 1st – November 1st (Approximate dates on the water)

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Corporate Rowing Program

Fun Team Building & Boat Racing Challenge in Onondaga Lake Park! 

Rowing is the ultimate team sport-there is nothing like the experience of 8 people working together; synchronized in unison. The CHARGERS Rowing Club brings you and your colleagues together for 7 weeks of spirited team camaraderie! Guided by CHARGERS experienced coaches, regardless of previous rowing experience, you will learn the skills necessary to achieve a common goal and experience the thrill of racing in an Olympic style racing shell.

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