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We’re Hiring! Club Director wanted!

The Chargers Rowing Club is seeking a self-motivated visionary who possesses the necessary skills and experience to be its Club Director.


The Club Director will report  to  the Club’s Board  of  Directors  (Board). The responsibilities of the Club Director include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Supervision and Management of Equipment Manager and Program Manager.
  2. Developing a plan to implement the Board’s Strategic plan.
  3. Manage the budget and provide approvals within budget. Report monthly to the Board on budget status. 
  4. Regularly interpret and analyze the cost effectiveness of programs.  Create a Budget Report and a recommendation to the board for the new year. 
  5. Grant Writing.
  6. Interface with the media and the public on behalf of the club.
  7. Oversight of hiring with the Program Manager.
  8. Oversight of coach training, retention and evaluation.
  9. Encourage club membership and support the club mission. (Face of the club)
  10. Oversee operations of the boathouse and enforce club policies.
  11. Develop and implement survey program for all applicable members/participants covering all levels.
  12. Promote club unity and cohesion.
  13. Develop public relations plan within community.
  14. Logistics of competitive travel
  15. Dissemination of the club information.
  16. Regatta management
  17. Coordination of marketing of club programs.
  18. Establish and oversee volunteers and organization thereof.
  19. Point person with the Onondaga County Parks Department.
  20. Approving a payroll.
  21. Administrative duties including but not limited to:
    1. Collect and maintain timely and accurate data (using Quickbooks and/or other Board preferred methods) for the Board from online and hardcopy registration forms, coaches rosters, participant rosters (including name, birth date, email address , phone number, emergency phone number and medical alert)   venders invoices,  donors checks, contributions, grant monies  and employees W4 forms. 
    2. Drafting correspondence on behalf of the Club.
    3. Posting, sending and collecting invoices and fees for programs, membership, regattas, facility fees, etc. This may also require personal phone calls to follow up as the circumstances may warrant. To also include refunds for participants when necessary as well as payments made through PayPal.
    4. Going to the Post Office 1-2 per week to pick up the mail.
    5. Keep current all trailer and launch boat registrations. Going to the DMV when necessary.
    6. Purchase office supplies as needed.
    7. Assist the club treasurer with the filing of IRS forms.
  22. Promote the development of rowing programs in additional surrounding high schools and colleges.
  23. Promote and develop commitments by schools, colleges and other organizations to partner with SCRC to develop our current facility to its fullest potential and to build a new venue on the Seneca River.
  24. Work with the Board and coaches in establishing, communicating and enforcing safety protocols.
  25. Order shirts, medals,  trophies,  etc.
  26. Assist in developing web-based services for program registration, boat reservations, etc.
  27. Other responsibilities and duties as assigned by the Board.

The Club Directors term of employment shall be one (1) year commencing on January 1st  and ending on December 31st  which shall be renewable for subsequent  one (1) year terms  at the sole discretion of the Board.

Pay is commensurate with experience.

Email or send Cover Letter and Resume to:

President Tim Daughton at: 

Syracuse Chargers Rowing Club

P.O. Box 5643

Syracuse, NY 13220

2021 Junior Fall Competitive Program Dates Adjusted

Junior Fall Competitive Program: We have adjusted the start date of our Junior Fall Competitive Program to begin on August 23rd to ensure that our juniors are trained and ready for the fall racing schedule. When we first prepared the fall schedule we weren’t sure what the summer and fall would look like and we also were working with a delayed opening of our boathouse. If you are interested in signing up for the program, please sign up on Regatta Central. Registration closes soon!

Register your Corporate Team for the Corporate Program now!!

CHARGERS Rowing Club is proud to announce the 10th annual CHARGERS Corporate Rowing Program! Employers have a need to promote teamwork, health, wellness and camaraderie amongst their employees. The CHARGERS Rowing Club has a solution!

2019 Corporate Champions, Inficon, with the Corporate Regatta Trophy!

Any organization, company, school, church, or other affiliated group may participate. NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED. Individuals will spend seven weeks, once per week learning and perfecting the rowing stroke.

Fun Team Building & Boat Racing Challenge in Onondaga Lake Park! Rowing is the ultimate team sport-there is nothing like the experience of 8 people working together; synchronized in unison.

The CHARGERS Rowing Club brings you and your colleagues together for 7 weeks spirited by team camaraderie! Guided by CHARGERS experienced coaches, regardless of previous rowing experience, you will learn the skills necessary to achieve a common goal and experience the thrill of racing in an Olympic style racing shell.

Corporate Regatta

The focus: moving the boat as one unit, not as individuals. Our corporate rowing program creates a culture that promotes growth and trust in teamwork. Come join us!!!

Things to know:

Program runs from the week of July 12th – August 27th. Practice once a week for seven weeks finishing with a competitive race to put your skills to the test against other companies. You pick the day of the week; four slots available per day. First come, first served

• 10 employees in order to accommodate busy schedules. 8 people in the boat at once. coaches work in athletes.
• Normal athletic gear (not baggy) and water bottle
• Fun attitude!!!!

$2000 per team; $200 per athlete
Includes all the equipment, Chargers t-shirt, coach, coxswain (person that steers the boat) and end of program race.

Syracuse Chargers Boathouse located in Onondaga Lake Park in Liverpool across the river from Longbranch Park.

King and King Architects
Lockheed Martin
O’Brien & Gere (Ramboll)
Carrier Corporation
Ferrara Fiorenza Law Firm
North Syracuse Teachers
Syracuse City School District Teachers
Day Automation
Syracuse Orthopedic Specialists
Onondaga County Parks
Advance Media Group
Club Fit Wear
Anchor QEA


“Most of us had never rowed before and the amazing thing is we all were able to learn the stroke, row as unit, have a lot of fun, and learn some things about teamwork along the way.” Jim King (Partner) 

King and King Architects

“The CHARGERS Corporate Program gave everyone a chance to come together as a team, no matter where they are in the corporate structure. For anyone who thinks rowing is easy – think again – it is one of the best workouts, and a lot more fun than running on a treadmill!”  Jill Russo (Senior Designer/Graphics Coordinator) 

Parsons Environmental Engineering