Lyn Markert Hathaway and Donations in her Honor

It is with deep sadness and a very heavy heart that we write this post. Long time Charger Board Member, Lyn Hathaway, passed away on September 12.

Lyn Hathaway – Hall of Fame 2014

Lyn epitomized the values of our club and was likely the most devoted individual to our mission. Through countless hours of practices, regattas, meetings and other Charger functions and rowing functions, she selflessly and passionately donated to our community of rowing. Even in her last few moments, the Chargers were on her mind, as she emailed to inquire about our September board meeting on September 12.

If there is anything that we can take from her example it is:

Give: give to what you believe in. Give with your heart, mind, body,

soul and your wallet, too.

Be modest: be humble, show humility, empathy and sensitivity.

Be dedicated: whether its sun, rain, sleet, snow, ice…when you believe in something, give it your all. She was always at the finish line no matter what.

Show compassion: people make mistakes, people are imperfect…accept them for who they are and appreciate the positive they bring to the table.

She exemplified these qualities on a regular basis.

Our first boathouse is named in her honor for her commitment to the organization and she was the first person inducted into our Hall of Fame in 2014.

She will be deeply missed. Rest in Peace, Lyn. We are grateful for all that you have done.


Donations in her honor to the club can be made by mailing donations to:

Chargers Rowing Club

PO BOX 5643

Syracuse, New York 13220

Checks should be written to: “Syracuse Chargers Rowing Club” and please write “In honor of Lyn Hathaway” in the memo line.